All GAPVA members agree to:

  1. Advance and improve their knowledge and skill of professional videography and related technical and business disciplines.
  2. Avoid using unfair business practices and will be licensed as required by local, state and federal governments.
  3. Produce video production services that are equal to or superior to the samples displayed for promotional purposes
  4. Maintain their equipment in good working order and have backup systems and procedures on hand to deal with breakdowns as needed.
  5. Maintain the highest standard of honesty in all transactions, will not use false claims, confusing or misleading technical terms, or inaccurate titles.
  6. Maintain high standards of integrity and dignity with regard to their professional conduct.
  7. Work in a courteous manner with fellow professionals, assisting them whenever possible in case of trouble or difficulty.
  8. Assist and give knowledge to fellow professionals so that the overall standing of the Videography profession will be raised

Nil Buan
Nil Buan Videography

(512) 699-1536

Phil Goetz
Three Point Production

(512) 553-0355

Three Point Production offers affordable, professional, and memorable high definition wedding videography. The focus of the day is on you. We will meet with you to discuss the details of your day and accomplish everything you envision. Rest assured, we only commit to one event per weekend. How can we help you today?

Brian Kennell
Silvertree Videography

(512) 251-6230

We are a team of video specialists who offer a full range of event videography services. We offer quality High Definition (HD) wedding, event, and business videography services to the Central Texas area and beyond.

Joe Kennell
Capital Wedding Video

(512) 251-9876

Capital Wedding Video Offers affordable documentary-style wedding video production to the Central Texas area.

Jerry & Penny Malcolm
2nd Generation Video Productions

(512) 589-7372

2nd Generation Video Productions offers cinematic wedding, general event, and business videography. 2nd Generation has been in business for over six years. We Preserve the Magic.

Janak Anarkat
Movieing Memories

(512) 584-0065

Janak has a background in Software and has a Passion for Videography and brings to his work a combination of Art and Technology that is unique in today’s digital age. Movieing Memories specializes in the creative production of Wedding Movies / Documentaries. Be it a Wedding or Documentary, a Live Performance or Corporate Convention, an Interview or Legal video, an Ad Commercial or Music video production; Movieing Memories produces video for many kinds of events, occasions and productions.

Brett Hardeman
Hardeman Films

(512) 466-5372