Videographer trends for 2018

Virtual Reality and 360 degree Video

Virtual reality is recorded by to be the most pursued trend in videography by 2017. The success of this dynamic field is due to platforms coming up with features like virtual location scouting, 3D, etc. The recently held Develop 3D Live conference on October 2017 showcased features that are getting mainstream attention. These features include combining 3D scanning, virtual reality and AI applications for use by the video-game industry. 360 degree video and virtual reality are proving to be an impressive combination in the world of movies, games and video marketers. This duo has the brightest future into 2018.


2017 proved to be the best year yet for Go-Pro. with a 1253% increase in the demand for Go-Pro footage worldwide. Go-Pro's current revenue amounts to over $1.19 billion worldwide, with most purchases coming from North American region. Mostly used to showcase travelling and vacation activities on platforms like Yotube, Vine, etc, some of the most popular Go-Pro videos include leisure athletic activities such as skydiving, surfing, biking, hiking, swimming, skiing, etc.


Drone footage

If 2017 has been the year of Go-Pro, then 2016 was the year of the drone footage. Most of the legal regulations associated with the usage of drone footage hasn't been able to stop the popularity of this variant of aerial footage, which seems to be able to continue well into 2018. The cost-efficiency of drones are still low compared to Go-Pro cameras, but it is an evolving market that is becoming more consumer-friendly every day. Instagram currently shows more than 5.2 million posts tagged with #drone. The site also has dedicated drone photography accounts like @dronenerds (213,000 followers) @dronesdaily (54,400 followers) and @experienceabove (14,400 followers).

Camera Drone

Live Stream

In 2017, Cisco recorded the internet live video streaming accounting for about 13% of the total video traffic online. Live streaming has gained popularity because of gaming sites like Twitch, Youtube live gaming, and Periscope, the Twitter livestream app. Apart from its traditional usage in sports, the avenue of live streaming is thus making its ever-widening foray into social media.

Subdued Lighting and Color

Since 2015, there has a a strong tendency within cinematographers to pair down lighting rigs to keep things as simple and soft as possible. Coupled with this, as a report from New York Film Academy shows, is a growing tendency to go for softer lights especially in the turf of independent film-making. "Less is more" has been the morale behind the production design and cinematography of many films recently. This trend has continued strong into 2017 with directors like the recent Cannes Golden Palm winner Sofia Coppola, Lynn Ramsay, Sean Baker, etc. all including subdued lighting and color into their aesthetic.

Shallow Focus

With the advent of Canon 5D MkII and other cameras with gigantic sensors, shallow depth of field has exploded into visual media. Such cameras offer apertures that can afford the stunning cinematic look and realism without telephoto lenses. For shallow focus, 2018 looks promising.

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