GAPVA 2011 Officer Elections

The November election is over and the results are in. A new slate of GAPVA officers has been elected for the 2011 calendar year. Phil Goetz will take over the office of President, a position held by Mike Strycharske for the past several years. Phil is a relative newcomer to the organization but brings s wealth of knowledge and an unflagging energy to the role of President.

Jerry Malcolm takes over from Joe Kennell as Vice President of the group. Jerry held the same position two years ago and regained the seat in a very closely contested election. Joe meanwhile moves over to the Secretary’s chair, a slot held by Jason Rude during 2010, and Brian Kennell will continue in the role of Treasurer for the next year.

Two additional positions have been available within the organization: Membership Chairperson who maintains the membership list and ensures that member dues are paid on time; and Program Chairperson who is responsible for arranging for a speaker and the other items that make up the monthly meeting. These two positions are either voluntary or appointed by the Board of Directors. Mike Strycharske will remain President of the non-profit corporation and plans on calling a meeting of the board within 60 days..

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