February Meeting Notes

Someone to log into meetup and chat people up.
Limited liability partnership
LLC, partnership with liability…
LLC, family owns equipment and equipment leases from llc. LLC rents equipment from the family.
Compartmentalizes the categories.
Financial planner. Attorney, cpa and financial planner. Get three who can work together. Lawyer for contracts, business stuff.
S corp, $600 to set up. Laws and rules change every year. Self employment tax. 21-22%. Wants more passive income. More like 15.3%. depends on profit range.
Dba should go to corporation not to individuals.
$150 for an LLC. If you have DBA only. Single member LLC.
Jerry has three color schemes and themes. CSS.
Multimember LLC. Websites dont support e-file.
If you work with a pro, they are less likely to make a mistake and have insurance.

Chris nelson, kxan photog who will bring in reel and talk
Music copyright
Sliders and rigs
Promo videos, marketing, demos, web
Shooting with camcorders / tecgniques / consequences
Business topics, end of production, selling, closing
Photo and video

Field trip, full studio at channel austin.

March – production meeting, austin montage

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